Social Platform Maintenance

Posting to your social media pages is only 5% of your business's role online. 


Social Media Strategy

“Your Business is More Than Four Walls”

Plan the steps to growing your digital audience. We start off with your goals and the overall image of your business, we then go over an analyses of how well your business is growing online at the moment, from there we work out a plan/ strategy to keep your followers engaged. This strategy would go over goals, types of posts, your overall look of your media platforms, voice, what sort of blogs your audience would be interested in, hashtags, company partnerships, contests, virtual events and more! 


From creating a post or campaign that illustrates and reflects your business and its story , to verbiage, hashtags, tagging other users profiles, monitoring insights and algorithms, and engagement, posts are very important and how you curate them. They can either generate traffic towards you’re company, or deflect it. I can help create posts for your social media pages and monitor engagement.


Both virtual and business!

Interact with your online audience, grow your presence, and build your business in the digital world. Form an event catered to your business, build the concept, invite your audience, and connect! It’s easy and fun and a great way to build overall image of your business. Are you looking to throw a big party for clients, perhaps you want to throw a big grand opening, maybe its just an office lunch or staff appreciation. Got big event ideas but don’t know where to start?  Food, to entertainment, décor, overall budget + advertising, I’m here to help you execute the dream event for you business. 


A blog can be anything related to your business. If you are a cafe owner, we can write about the benefits of coffee or how you can tell a bean is properly roasted. If you are a florist, we can write about plants for beginners or what plant best suits your space. The possibilities are endless but they keep the audience engaged. I can help create small clip vlogs or blogs. 


Looking for a poster, business card, logo or add design. Send an email with the description of what you are seeking. I would love to build you a poster, add, post card, business card and more. This is my second most popular service as I have created many posters and adds accompanied by posts for your pages. 

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